“If you can run Lens, you’ll have Dev Cluster, always available!”

An overview of this platform on a local installation

  • introduce the KubeSphere platform and its main functionalities
  • install a local Kubernetes…

Learn, share, improve, repeat…

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  • one day your employer might not need you anymore and ask you to leave
  • the technology you’ve been working on for…

…and use it to deploy a Compose application right into K8s

  • The Compose file is a specification in yaml (named docker-compose.yaml by default) that Docker Compose takes as input. This file defines the components of a…

Different ways to build container images

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  • the Image Specification: how a container image must be structured
  • the Runtime Specification: how a container must be run from an Image Specification

Overview of the enhancements made to this demo application

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Run containers with an added layer of security

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$ curl -sSL https://get.docker.com | sh

Running single or multi-node k0s clusters the easy way

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Let’s see how k0s makes the Air-Gap installation an easy process

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Luc Juggery

Docker & Kubernetes trainer (CKA / CKAD), 中文学生, Learning&Sharing

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